• Bavaroise of wine torrontés

    We share the recipe and pairing of this ideal dessert to accompany with our Siete Torques Torques 2013.

    Torrontés wine 250 cc
    1/2 orange zest
    Sugar 100 g
    Buds 4
    Gelatin without flavor 10 g
    Additional Torrontés wine 50 cc
    Milk cream 300 cc
    Peach compote

    Heat the wine with the zest and half the sugar. Beat the yolks with the rest of the sugar, until whitening. To integrate both mixtures and to cook on bath of Maria until it thickens like an English cream. Hydrate the gelatin with the additional wine and add it to the hot preparation. Place on inverse water bath. When the gelatin begins to coagulate, add the whipped cream to half a point. Dump in molds moistened with water. Cool in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

    Unmold by passing the molds through hot water.

    Serve with a compote of fresh peaches or peaches and accompany with Siete Fincas.

  • Launch of the first Screw Cap of Siete Fincas Launch of the first Screw Cap of Siete Fincas

    Siete Fincas Wines & Vineyards, launches the market of the Siete Fincas Torrontés 2013 with screw top, of better practicality and care of the wine.

    It is the first wine from the winery to have a screw top and Torrontés was chosen to maintain its freshness and traditional aromas.

    The screwcap, also called Stelvin closure, allows to maintain the freshness of young wines better; those that it is preferable to consume within two years of life.

    The Stelvin closure presents competition to the traditional cork for its advantages of openness and care of the content. On the other hand, it eliminates the possibility of the wine being infected with the TCA because of the cork.

    Siete Fincas Torrontés 2013 is a young wine of elegant yellow color of medium intensity, great concentration of tropical aromas, fruit and floral contributions typical of this varietal.

    The palate has a sweet entry and is very fresh.

    Ideal to accompany light cheeses and pastas

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